SoCAFETM Recertification Policy

Once certified through the initial C.A.F.E. process, you must be recertified every three years.

The following is required:

1)       Be a member in good standing.

2)      Complete 30 hours of recertification credits which can be earned by:

a)     Continuing education (e.g. seminars, online classes, workshops, etc.)

b)     Instruction (i.e., teach as an adjunct faculty member in an institution of higher learning or other adult learning environment). No more than half of the 30 hours can be earned by instruction. You will earn one recertification credit for every credit hour of instruction.

c)  Publishing an article relating to the teaching-learning process in an academic or non-academic forum.

3)    You will receive an email asking you to update your contact information and pay the recertification fee*. Upon renewing you are certifying that you are a member in good standing and have earned 30 hours of recertification credits.

*Within three months following your third year certification anniversary, and every three years thereafter, you will self-certify. There is a $100 recertification fee required. Upon receipt you will receive a new CAFE certificate. Although you are not required to submit “hard copies” to document your recertification activities, you are required to make them available upon request for auditing purposes for six months after notification of your recertification.


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