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To become a Certified Adjunct Faculty Educator (C.A.F.E.) you need to successfully pass each of the
10-module online certification exams within 6 months* and submit your official transcript.

Here are the steps involved:

1. Complete our online application.
Qualifications: Minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited higher education institution in the United States.

To verify that the institution is accredited, click on the link below.
US Department of Education

2. Submit payment of $395   

This includes:

  • Access to our Member's only section for 6 months

  • Candidate Handbook

  • Shipment of required textbooks

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  • 24/7 access to online certification examinations for 6 months

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and checks.

3. Arrange for an official transcript from the institution where you earned your highest degree to be sent directly from that institution to:

P.O. Box 555
Buffalo, IA 52728                                                                        

4. You will have six (6) months to take all 10 module exams via our online testing platform.  The number of questions varies by module ranging from 10 to 35 questions per exam.  There are a total of 200 questions you will be asked to respond to in the 10 module exams.  You will need to answer 70% of the questions correctly on each module exam to pass.  You must complete all 10 module exams during your six month registration period.*

5. After passing all 10 module examinations and submitting your official transcript you will earn your C.A.F.E. designation. You will receive two copies of the Certificate of Completion - one for you and one for your employing institution.

*Your certification fee is non-refundable. Should you fail to complete one or more of the 10 module exams within 6 months as required,  you may extend the certification time frame for an additional 3 months by paying  a $100 fee. 


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