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  1. Distinguish your school and your faculty from your competitors.

  2. Document the quality of your faculty to accrediting agencies. 

  3. Demonstrate that your faculty has met stringent, national,
    3rd party standards of teaching competence.

  4. Provide consistent, high quality, and cost-effective, professional faculty development in the teaching-learning process for both existing and new faculty.

Novice Adjuncts

  1. Bypass years of trial and error teaching.

  2. Eliminate the need to read volumes of stodgy books.

  3. Gain knowledge on:
  • Constructing course content

  • Managing a student-centered learning environment

  • Actively engage students

  • Accommodate different student learning styles

  • Interact effectively with a diverse student population

  • Incorporate instructional technology to support the learning process

  • Provide student feedback to support learning

  • Implement appropriate assessment methods

  • Use assessment results to improve teaching

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Veteran Adjuncts

Strengthen your teaching by: 
  1. Responding to the increasingly important role of adjunct faculty in higher education.

  2. Acquiring a portable credential that demonstrates proven expertise in the essential competencies of adjunct educators.

  3. Keeping current in effective classroom practices and adult learning theory.



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